Live Session

Firstly, we would all like to welcome you back to a new term, and hope that you all had a lovely half-term break. Secondly, we would like to say how much we enjoyed seeing all the children this morning. We have really missed them; to see all of their smiling faces was a real treat! We have everything crossed for a return to school soon, but the live sessions are hopefully a way of keep us all going until then.

The link for next week will be on Google Classroom, the same as this week, and we look forward to seeing the children again then.

Have a lovely week, and remember to contact us through our class emails if you need anything.

Kindest regards,

Mrs. Wistow, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Clamp, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Barker and the rest of the Year Six Team

Happy Half-term!

Good afternoon and a happy Friday to you all.

We just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a lovely and well-deserved half-term holiday. Thank-you for all your support this term with your children’s learning and also for the kindness and support you have shown all of us. We have everything crossed for some return to normality in the foreseeable future, but in the meantime, we are looking forward to our live sessions, with the opportunity to see the children face to face.

Sending our kindest regards,

Mrs. Wistow, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Clamp, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Barker and the rest of the Year Six Team


Good Morning to you all on this frosty beginning to the week. We hope you are all well and looking forward to a well-deserved half-term holiday.

Firstly, my apologies, as the quick reads for the Guided Reading this week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) were not included in the work packs in the office. I have now added them and there are some spare, if needed. They are on Google Classroom, so hopefully this won’t have inconvenienced too many of you.

We also wanted to let you know, as we will be starting our new Topic after half-term, that there will be a ‘Hook-in’ work pack (that will run alongside our recording) in the office, and which will be available for collection Thursday and Friday of this week. The ‘Hook-in’ will be the learning for the majority of the day, on the first Monday (22nd) back after half-term.

Just so you are aware, there is also a slight change to our normal timetable tomorrow, as the children will be focusing on work linked to ‘Internet Safety Day’.

Wishing you all a lovely week,

The Year Six Team

Street Tag

Good Morning everyone and thank-you for all your support during our second full week of remote learning.

We have been asked to pass on the following message from Mrs. Hewson:

‘Well done everyone on reaching first place in the Street Tag active competition.
This is an amazing achievement! Thank you for being so active.Keep Street Tagging, walking, running or cycling now as we need to remain there!!!! Brilliant news.’

May we also take this opportunity to say a very well done on this incredible achievement, and wish you all yet another active and enjoyable weekend.

Continue to take of yourselves,

Mrs. Wistow, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Clamp, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Barker and the rest of the Year Six Team


Good afternoon everyone, we hope that you all had a restful and enjoyable weekend. This is just a quick blog post to let you know that it was lovely to touch base with you all last week. Our plan is to be in touch with you via a phone call on a regular basis, but please do not hesitate, in the meantime, to contact us via our class emails should the need arise.

Very best wishes,

The Year Six Team

IT Advice/Information

Good afternoon to you all. I just wanted to pass on this information that I have received from the wonderful Mrs. Bennett, our ICT guru! As some of you are still struggling to edit and then resubmit documents on Google Classroom, she has suggested that when you open it, rather than the suggested option, open it in ‘dochub’- although some devices apparently do this anyway.

As always, please do not worry about this as we are still happy to receive the children’s work as a photo and/or attached to an email.

Kindest regards,

The Year Six Team

Phone calls Home

Good morning everyone. We just wanted to let you know that from this week, one of the Year Six Team will try and be in regular contact with you via a phone call. If one of us has not yet managed to contact you, we will endeavour to do so before the end of the week. To those parents that we have had contact with already, many thanks for all your positive comments and words of appreciation; it is all truly appreciated.

Please do remember to contact us on our class emails if you need any help in the meantime.

Very best wishes and keep safe,

The Year Six Team

Key Worker Group

Good Evening to you all. Hopefully you all had a restful weekend.

Just a quick post today, to ask the children that are in school in the Key Worker Group, to remember to bring in to school any work that they are doing at home. This is because they will need to access the information they are generating through the remote learning in order to continue the learning in school.

Hopefully this makes sense. If not, do not worry, we will also talk to those children about it, when we see them.

Many thanks,

The Year Six Team

Happy New Year

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all back to the Year 6 Blog and to also wish you all a very happy 2021. It has not been our ideal start to the new year, and we are already missing catching-up with and seeing the children. We have had some amazing engagement with the remote learning, and it has been lovely to see how enthusiastic the children have been with their learning on this unfamiliar platform. We cannot thank you all enough for your support with your children’s learning, as well as your patience with us as we try to find our way and iron out some unforeseen challenges. Please continue to use our class email if you have any difficulties and/or need to inform us of anything.

Finally, it is much more important to us, that you and the children do not worry or get anxious about anything that we are posting on ‘Google Classroom’. We completely understand that everyone is trying their best. Our hope is that the work set is manageable, achievable and that the children feel successful.

We have everything crossed that we will all be together again soon, but in the meantime, please be kind to yourselves and keep safe.

Mrs. Wistow, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Clamp, Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Barker

Christmas Celebrations

We have had a lovely week, where the Indian Dances are beginning to really take shape, with some amazing choreography, and where the children have been finding out about the moon landing in preparation for their own newspaper report. We have also been putting together our Year Six Christmas film, but of course we don’t want to give too much away at this stage! It was really wonderful to see all the children in their Christmas jumpers today – a see of red, green, pom-poms and sparkles – super!

Please may we remind you that it is our Winter Wonderland Day on Wednesday, and that the children can come to school in warm and comfortable party clothes. They also need to bring a plate of party food. This week is the last week for homework as the children are ready for a well-deserved rest over the festive period.

We wish you all a lovely weekend,

Mrs, Wistow, Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Clamp, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Barker and the rest of the Year Six Team